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License Plate (LPN's)


Pallet ID’s / Case Id’s / LPN’s

Pre-printed license plate labels are used to track inventory units (pallets, cases, containers) within a warehouse. These are typically paper labels which DASKO can provide in any size and design. DASKO will work with you to establish a delivery schedule so you can be sure to always have pallet ID labels available!

  • License plate labels are a key to your database where information on the pallet is stored. Each license plate number must be unique. We use our proprietary DASKO-TRAK system to track sequence numbers within and between orders to guarantee no duplicate numbers!
  • LPN labels are often color coded to stand out from all other labels that may be on the pallet or cases.
  • Pallet ID’s may be designed as a corner wrap label so that the bar code is visible regardless of how the pallet is situated.

Preprinted Bar Code Tote / Container Labels

Preprinted bar code tote / container labels are bar coded labels used to track totes, drums, crates, racks, containers, etc. that hold inventory on a permanent or temporary basis. They are typically applied to the container in advance and scanned when inventory is placed into or removed from the container as directed by your WMS system. Once the container is emptied it becomes available to be used again and the same container ID number will be scanned and re-used.

Preprinted bar code tote / container labels typically require longer term durability than LPN’s and possibly exposure to harsh environments such as abrasion, outdoors and water washes.  DASKO offers durable label solutions for container tracking.