Pallet Rack Capacity Labels


One of the most important aspects of warehouse safety is not overloading pallet rack systems and shelving. These systems have a recommended weight capacity for a reason, and these limits should never be tested. Businesses must display this information in a clear, easy-to-read way so employees can immediately tell how much weight their storage racks can hold. 

Pallet rack weight capacity labels that show this information will not only keep productivity up by giving clear instructions as to when staff should start loading the next rack, but most importantly, will help to avoid shelving and racking breaking which can lead to a very dangerous situation.   

DASKO offers customized rack capacity labels that clearly identify the maximum total load capacity for racks and shelves in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The maximum load labels can be pre-printed or come with blank space for you to hand write or apply a sticker with the top capacity information.

Choose between a wide range of options including adhesive backed labels, magnetic labels or signs that can be directly attached to the warehouse racking. These load capacity labels can be color coded for easier interpretation and made to any size, shape and design.

Contact our team at DASKO for information on the types of labels that would work best for your application.