Warehouse Rack Labels


Many warehouse operations have multiple types of pallet racking systems in use. No matter if it’s upright, drive-in, or pushback pallet racks, having a clear, consistent labeling method within this system is crucial. 

Barcode labels contain important information that needs to be easily accessible by workers so as to not disrupt their workflow. With so many constant moving parts within the supply chain, downtime caused by labeling issues can create big issues with productivity. 

Here at DASKO, our expert team works closely with yours to understand your business and which type of pallet rack label would work best for you. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality yet cost-effective options.  

Solutions to Fit Your Scanning Needs

Racking labeling systems must be designed based on the specific layout of your warehouse. The ability to scan and read the labels must fit seamlessly within your inventory management and workflow processes and must follow an approach that’s easily recognizable for staff. 

For example, if you use multi-level racking, the first crossbeam can be used to display both the barcode for the ground level below the crossbeam and the level directly above the crossbeam. In this situation in order to avoid confusion for the lift operator, arrows would be used to clearly identify the location above and below the crossbeam.  

Color coding by level is another method often used to provide additional visual verification for the operator.

Whether you use industrial lift equipment or have racks, shelves, totes, and bins that are reached from the ground, there are many factors to consider when designing a warehouse location label, including:


If coolers, cold storage and blast freezers are part of your warehouse environment, then you may require labels that can be applied at below freezing temperatures. DASKO offers several options including adhesives, magnetic labels, and barcoded signage that work in cold storage applications.

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