Specialty Label Material

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your label solution. In order to ensure workflow productivity, efficiency, and safety, it’s essential that your product labels are built to last in their particular warehouse environment. Both the type of label material and the adhesive may need to change depending on the settings and conditions to which the label will be exposed. For a business, choosing the right label material could be the difference in products reaching their final destination in a timely manner.  

DASKO LABEL offers creative and unique barcode label and sign products to solve many challenging needs in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. Whether you need an outdoor label that’s water-resistant, an adhesive that will stick to polypropylene, or a label that can withstand freezing or extremely high temperatures, our team can help. We also offer the largest selection of durable warehouse floor labels made with materials and frames that are able to withstand forklift traffic and more..

We work closely with our suppliers on new materials, adhesives and printing processes to provide creative solutions that meet the signage and labeling needs of our customers. Just a few of our options include: 

  • Metal, vinyl and poly film base materials for harsh environments
  • Aggressive adhesives for outdoor, freezer, or oily environments
  • Removable adhesive labels that can be repositioned as needed  


Our team will work with yours to come up with a custom label solution that meets your business needs. Label printing can be completed by our team or in-house. Contact us today to discuss your application.