Warehouse Floor Striping


Warehouse floor striping and markings are both essential to optimizing the layout of your space. When implemented properly, these guidelines help to ensure safety in work areas, keep inventory organized, improve traffic flow, and increase workflow efficiency.

Supply chain operations use warehouse line striping in a variety of ways, including:

The most important use is to help establish safety standards in the workplace and keep team members and staff out of harm’s way. At DASKO, our experts will take the time to understand the way your business works and help to plan your layout accordingly. Our line striping and marking services shape the foundation for an efficient warehouse operation.


DASKO LABEL offers a variety of industrial floor striping services to ensure there’s a solution that meets the requirements of your business. The two main methods we use include:

1. FLOOR PAINT This durable method makes for a cost effective floor striping project, and the application is quick and efficient. Industrial floor paint can be applied using the following techniques:

2. FLOOR TAPE – Easy to install, warehouse floor tape comes in a variety of options in terms of durability, size, color, and material. From industrial grade for high foot traffic areas to economy tape for temporary floor markings, wall markings, and more, there are options for many project types.

All methods and materials we offer come in a range of colors for use in 5S integration and to meet OSHA requirements. If the methods mentioned above don’t quite fit your needs, DASKO also offers more products for warehouse striping, pallet lane marking and a wide variety of shapes for 5s and Six Sigma programs.

Industrial floor striping is essential for any fulfillment or distribution center. Whether you’re looking for striping only or need other warehouse floor markings services as well, contact Dasko Label to find the right solution for your business needs.