Warehouse Floor Location Labels

Floor labeling is certainly a challenge in a warehouse environment. High-traffic areas with forklift trucks, pallets, and more can make it difficult to keep painted lines on the floor… even more difficult to keep a barcode label that needs to be scanned. However, there are warehouse floor label solutions that can work in your environment.

DASKO floor label options are cost-effective, easy to use, anti-slip, and will not damage your floor. This includes DURACODE “peel and stick” adhesive floor labels, DURAFRAME metal floor frames, floor markings, hanging signage and industrial floor label protectors for labels printed in-house. Each of these options has advantages and DASKO can help you evaluate your options and provide actual samples so you can confirm what works best in your industrial environment.

Contact us to find the right warehouse location labeling system for your business. We also provide installation services.