Metal Label Frames for Floors


Our DURAFRAME metal floor labels product line is made of a strong aluminum frame with beveled edges, radius corners and replaceable clear Lexan covering to protect the bar code label underneath. The Frames are anchored to the floor with adhesive or concrete screws. The actual floor label is protected by the frame and this label can be printed by DASKO with many colors and print options or you can print your labels in-house.




Our low profile DURAFRAME is a cost effective solution to protect your metal floor labels from forklift traffic. With its thin design it offers the strength of aluminum but does not expose itself to the tines of the fork on a lift truck and allows pallets to more easily slide over it. It is very durable and cost effective approach to permanent floor labels. It also has a clear Lexan plastic window over the label making scanning easy. If the window becomes damaged or dirty beyond repair, it can be easily replaced without having to replace the label. We offer several adhesive options as well as holes in the corners to anchor the frame with concrete screws.


Our heavy duty DURAFRAME metal floor label is great for high traffic areas. Its thicker design provides greater durability and less damage from sudden impact from forklifts and heavy pallets. By using heavy duty metal frames it allows your floor labels to be protected and last longer. All of our DURAFRAME metal floor labels come with beveled edges and radius corners. This allows forklifts to pass over with ease and also helps to keep the frame from shifting in place. The frames offer superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents, extreme temperatures and UV light making them great on any warehouse floor.

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