Portable Barcode & Warehouse Signage

Signs For Floor Stanchions, Posts, Poles & More

From product inventory to pallets to forklifts, objects are constantly on the move within a warehouse environment. Oftentimes there’s a need for barcode labels or other warehouse signs to be portable to keep up with the changes. Whether a barcode sign is needed to identify a temporary location for product, or a safety sign is needed to point out a temporary hazard, these signs need to be easily movable and removable to help keep workflows moving. 

Here are DASKO, we’ve worked with businesses to help implement many different types of portable warehouse signs. While we can certainly attach signs to walls and structural posts, we can also apply them to movable items such as delineator poles, cones, plastic stanchions, and homemade posts. Depending on the situation, these signs can be affixed using adhesives, magnets or screws. 

Our team will work closely with yours to determine the best design and application method to fit your needs. Signs can even be shaped as tents or L-shaped for easy placement on pallets or between cases to identify temporary locations or staging areas.

A couple advantages of this method include:

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