Duracode Labels


When it comes to warehouse safety and efficiency, it’s important to utilize floor labels to help direct foot and forklift traffic and label product inventory. Businesses looking to implement this type of method must find a durable labeling solution. 

Whether you’re in need of barcode labels, floor markings, or both, DURACODE was designed with the warehouse floor in mind! This type of floor label is made using a special production process that chemically bonds the label together, resulting in outstanding protection of the print image. It is finished with an aggressive adhesive backing engineered to stick on a concrete floor. 


If you’re looking to add labels directly onto the floor, DURACODE offers the following benefits:

This type of label is available in standard sizes or we can provide custom sizes and designs based on your warehouse operation needs. They can be printed with variable data, barcodes, graphics, colors and logos.

DURACODE labels are also available with different adhesives that can be used for:

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