Barcode Label Design / Site Survey


A label may represent your company or identify your products. A label may be a tag, may be a sign, it may include colors and a bar code. A label may be the key to a database. Bar code design labels must present a clear line of sight, must meet the scanning distances your operations requires and must be easy to scan. A label may be the difference between acceptance and resistance by your end user of a new automation system.

DASKO does not take your labels for granted. We ask a lot of questions and we offer our knowledge and experience to make sure that your labels have been optimized for your application. We provide free label samples, material testing and design prototypes. We also offer on-site visits to review your label design needs and deliver written recommendations based on our review. Our recommendations can save you time, money and tremendous amounts of frustration.

Contact us to discuss your application and your bar code label desgin needs.