Label Magic™ – Rack Beam Refacing & Label Cover Up Tape

Update Your Warehouse Instantly With Label Magic™!

In a warehouse environment, layouts often change and products are moved around in a continuous effort to improve efficiency. This can lead to messy pallet racking beams covered in old barcode labels and markings. These rack labels must be covered up correctly when changed or they can cause issues with scanning, productivity, and could even lead to supply chain disruptions.

Give your racks an instant face lift with Label Magic™! This label cover up tape allows you to easily re-face your rack beams by applying it directly over old warehouse labels and markings. The solution eliminates previous signage clutter and the result is clean rack beams that look just like new.

Features & Uses

The high quality tape material makes changing labels a quick, clean and easy process! You can reconfigure locations, change voice check digits, and update product information as needed. If you no longer need specialty label materials, you can cover up the old ones with Label Magic and replace them with standard label material for a more cost-effective solution. This product also allows you to re-slot locations or change location sizes without expensive magnets or label holders.

Label Magic can be provided in a tape form for refacing entire rack beams or in a label format for specific spot cover up needs. It can be colored to match your racks or color-coded to identify where certain labels should be applied. This cover up solution can also be used on totes, containers and signs where labels are constantly applied and removed. The result is a clean surface that eliminates challenging removal of old labels and confusion from multiple labels being found on the container.

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