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The ability to remove and reposition warehouse labels is essential for businesses to respond quickly to changing customer demands. There’s no better solution than DASKO’s industrial grade magnet strips that won’t fall off metal surfaces and are not easily knocked off. If our standard industrial strength magnet is not strong enough for you, we can increase the pull strength to meet the most demanding needs.

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We use flexible magnets for labels and magnetic signs, but we can also make a plastic sign magnetic by attaching ceramic magnets to the sign. For extra convenience, we offer the service to print directly on the magnets for you – including full color print capabilities. We print barcodes, text, and graphics.

These different options can help improve efficiency and safety in the warehouse, reduce production and assembly time, and increase profitability for the business overall. Common uses for our labels include:’

  • Magnetic shelf labels – Removable metal shelf label magnets ensure employees can easily identify product details and other important information, even when warehouse operations and systems change.
  • Magnetic rack labels – The flexible functionality of this option can help streamline workflows for the different pallet racking systems throughout the warehouse.
  • Barcode labels – As inventory is added, removed, and reorganized, magnetic barcodes allow businesses to quickly adapt while maintaining easy accessibility to the barcodes for scanning.
  • Warehouse office labels – Our labels can be useful as office supplies. Magnetic strips are perfect to use on white boards, for dry erase markers, lockers, file cabinets, name plates, name tags, and more.
  • Warehouse signs – They can then be attached to an overhead ceiling or beam to identify locations below or they can be attached to a post or vertical rack post for aisle signs.

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DASKO LABEL is an industry leader providing labels, tags and signs for identification and tracking applications. Our core business was founded in the 1990’s when many companies were improving productivity through the use of bar code identification for industrial and warehousing automation. We have combined our expertise in bar code printing and scanning with our understanding of business applications to develop solutions for a wide variety of common and unique label applications. Our warehousing customers include 3PL’s, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cold storage and wholesale distribution.


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