Long-Range Reflective Labels

Reflective Barcode Labels For Long Distance Scanning

In warehouse settings, there’s typically product and pallets piled up high, sometimes all the way up to the ceiling. To keep operations moving and productivity up, there’s often the need for long-range scanning labels. These allow employees to easily scan product that’s stored on the upper levels of shelving.

DASKO uses highly reflective material combined with a large printed barcode to create a label that works great for long-distance scanning. Our  reflective barcode labels can be used on the upper levels of pallet racks, on upper shelves of warehouse racks, on hanging signs, and anywhere else where long-range labels may be necessary.

About Our Solutions

The combination of large printed label design and 2D barcodes mean our warehouse labels can be scanned to 50 feet plus, making your inventory management easier. Our custom approach means we can help design reflective rack labels that can fit on rack beams even if wire waterfall decking is in place.

DASKO has several options to make the scanning process easier including:

No matter your signage or barcode needs, DASKO can help. Our team of experts can determine the long-range reflective labels that will work best for your application. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.