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Bin/Shelf Labels

Labels can be a challenge for warehouse shelf and bin locations as the space may be tight. Bin location labels may be needed to fit a variety of sizes and configurations. DASKO can help with the barcode label sizes, designs and placement for warehouse rack and shelf labels to offer the best line of sight for barcode scanning. Flow rack labels and some rack and shelf labels may need to be printed as sets of two to label the front and back of the location for picking and replenishment. Smaller rack and shelf labels have limited height space but we can design them to take advantage of the width available for the bin location label.

Some of the rack and shelf label consideration DASKO can help with includes:

  • Design the warehouse shelf label with the barcode on the side of the human readable text
  • Use 2D barcodes to fit small spaces for bin location labeling
  • Use removable and repositionable label solutions for areas with changing data and/or changing slot sizes