Safety Signs for the Warehouse


Warehouse safety signs are an effective way to educate and communicate with warehouse personnel. Some of the warehouse safety / security sign requirements are dictated by regulatory agencies such as OSHA requirements and state fire codes. Others are added for informational purposes to make your employees aware or keep them informed of company policies and procedures.

DASKO can provide standard warehouse safety signage as well as design custom safety signs to meet your needs. Our safety and information signs can be printed in any color, size or design. They can be installed from the ceiling, attached to walls, racks or posts or they can be provided as durable warehouse floor labels.


Some of the most popular safety signage for warehouses include ones for:

  • Aisles – Make sure aisles can be easily identified by employees and kept clear.
  • Loading docks – Use Loading Dock Number IDs that can be easily visible at night.
  • Forklift safety – Alert workers to watch for forklift traffic.
  • Pedestrian and high traffic signs – Make it clear where pedestrians are and are not allowed with shelf and floor signs, as well as when employees should be on alert for people walking through work areas.
  • Weight capacity – Avoid accidents by having floor load capacities clearly marked.
  • Caution and warning signs – To get employees’ attention for important safety measures, use ANSI-style signs where important words like CAUTION or WARNING are highly visible.
  • Bilingual – Keep all employees safe by making bilingual signs available.
  • Hazard and danger signs – Clearly point out potential hazards in the workplace. 
  • Fire safety and first aid – Workers should be able to easily find the First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, and other important equipment for emergencies.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Let employees know if special protection is needed in an area of the warehouse, such as steel toed shoes, gloves, safety goggles, etc.
  • Labels and stickers – Label shelves and inventory with any product or pallet rack specific warnings, such as if products should not be stacked to avoid crushing, are heavy, etc.
  • Custom signs – Warehouses often have specific safety signage they need for their operations.


Whether you need a standard caution sign or a custom solution, DASKO can provide options that will best complement your operations. Contact us today to learn more about our safety signage, and keep your workplace safe and accident-free.