Angled, Flat & Double-sided Signs for Warehouses


Every warehouse is filled with signage of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it’s an exit sign, a barcode, or a sign with safety procedures, it needs to be easily viewable or scannable by staff members. While placement is important, getting the design of the sign correct is key. 

DASKO provides custom signs for warehouses in any shape, size, or material needed. Our team creates them to fit the specific needs of your business. Three common designs we offer include double-sided, angled, and flat signs. Some of the different features and benefits of our designs include:

  • Barcoded warehouse signs can be angled to provide an optimal view for scanning.
  • Hanging warehouse signs for location barcodes can be single sided or double sided with identical or different location data. DASKO can fabricate them to any shape or angle including V shape and Z shape for double-sided sign scanning. They can be installed from the ceiling and scanned with long range scanners using large barcodes on reflective label material or 2D bar codes for 50’+ scans.
  • Flat signs can be attached to walls, posts, or movable items such as delineator poles, cones, or homemade posts. They can be affixed using adhesives, magnets, or screws. Flat designs can be shaped as A-frame (tents) or L shaped to be placed on pallets or between cases to identify temporary locations or staging areas.


All of our warehouse signs can include full color printing, large text and graphics as needed. We offer a variety of high-quality materials including plastic, metal and reflective sign backings to meet indoor, outdoor or freezer sign and label needs. Our team will work with yours to determine the applications that will best fit your business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.