Dock Door Signs


Keeping the loading dock area in a warehouse organized is a major part of ensuring overall operations run efficiently. Clear and concise signage should be a top priority when organizing this area. Dock door signs, whether they include numbers, barcodes, or both, can help keep activity in the dock space running smoothly. 

Implementing the right signage is key. Dasko Label can help choose and create the custom signs needed to fit your business needs. 

About Our Solutions

Dasko creates high-quality signs with material type and installation type chosen based on where they will be used. We offer dock number signs, barcode labels, and more depending on your particular workflow. We work with your team to determine the correct application strategy for your warehouse space. 


Indoor dock door signs are often attached directly to the door, to the wall next to the door, or on the hood if the door rolls up. These can be installed with magnets and adhesive or screws, and can be text only or include barcode labels as well. Signs for staging areas near the doors can also be installed on the door or on the ceiling above the staging area.


Outdoor loading dock signs are used to direct drivers to the appropriate door for deliveries and pickups. This type usually has jumbo lettering for easy reading and a reflective face for better viewing at night. We typically recommend an aluminum backing as well. 

The loading zone area may also require safety signs and “No Parking” signs to make sure the proper procedures are being followed by staff and drivers. Yard signs with directions and arrows may be helpful for informing and directing truck drivers and employees.

DASKO can help you design a warehouse sign solution that would best fit your application. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.