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Prrfect Label

Specialty Materials

Permanent, Removable, and Repositionable

Thanks to advances in adhesive technology, DASKO can now offer a label with an adhesive that is Permanent, Removable and Repositionable – a PRRFECT label! 

For warehousing applications, this allows labels to be removed and re-applied to change labels (even after many years) to accommodate label challenges such as:

  • Re-slotting in pick areas
  • Changing product information labels on racks
  • Re-numbering rack locations with changing wms systems

This material is highly recommended for use on rack labeling projects with NEW/CLEAN racks.  Using the PRRFECT label will provide you peace of mind that if you ever have to make label changes in the future these labels can be removed clean and easy. DASKO can provide PRRFECT label as custom printed or as label blanks for you to print in-house.