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The 2d Barcode Revolution

THE 2D BAR CODE REVOLUTION Barcodes have been increasing warehouse efficiency for decades. While many operations rely on traditional linear or one-dimensional (1D) barcodes, two-dimensional

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Bar Code Label Basics

There are actually hundreds of different types of one and two dimensional bar code symbologies. Each bar code symbology enforces certain printing specifications that determine

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DASKO LABEL is an industry leader providing labels, tags and signs for identification and tracking applications. Our core business was founded in the 1990’s when many companies were improving productivity through the use of bar code identification for industrial and warehousing automation. We have combined our expertise in bar code printing and scanning with our understanding of business applications to develop solutions for a wide variety of common and unique label applications. Our warehousing customers include 3PL’s, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cold storage and wholesale distribution.


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