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Floor Striping


Floor Striping

Floor striping is used in a variety of ways in a warehouse which include:

  • Designation of pathways for people and machinery
  • Identify areas for raw materials or inventory
  • Mark staging areas
  • Outdoor lanes for shipping and receiving
  • Highlight safety routes in the event of an emergency
  • And most importantly lines keep team members safe!


  1. FLOOR PAINT - Cost effective floor striping solution with a quick and efficient application. Paint can be applied using the following techniques:
    • DIRECT PAINT - Durable industrial paint with clear coat protection applied directly to the warehouse floor.
    • SHOT BLAST - Precise removal / roughening of the concrete prior to applying the paint of choice (epoxy resin compound or durable paint with a clear coat)

  2. FLOOR TAPE - Easy to install warehouse floor tape with a variety of options in terms of durability, size, color, and materials. From industrial grade for high traffic areas to economy tape for temporary floor marking, wall markings, etc.

All methods and materials come in a range of colors for use in 5S integration and to meet OSHA requirements. DASKO also offers more floor products for warehouse striping, pallet lane marking and a wide variety of shapes for 5s and Six Sigma programs.