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Rack Labels For Lower Levels and Short Range Scanning

If you use man up lift equipment or have racks, shelves and bins that are reached from the ground, then there are many common factors when designing a location label.

Some things to consider: 

  • Label placement
  • Material handling equipment and bar code scanning distance. 
  • Bar code type and size, check digits, voice characters, color coding and text size. 


The first crossbeam can be used to display both the bar code for the ground level below the crossbeam and the level directly above the crossbeam. 

In order to avoid confusion to the lift operator, arrows are often used to clearly identify the location above and below the crossbeam.  Color coding by level also provides additional visual verification for the operator.


Coolers, cold storage and blast freezers may require label application at below freezing temperatures. DASKO offers several options including adhesives, magnetic labels, and bar coded signs that provide bar code solutions that work in cold storage applications.