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Update your warehouse with Label Magic™!

Give your racks an instant face lift! Re-face your rack beams by applying Label Magic tape directly over old labels and markings. The result is new looking, clean rack beams that eliminates label clutter.

Change labels quick, clean and easy! Re-configure locations, change voice check digits and/or product information. Replace specialty label materials with standard label material to save costs! Re-slot locations or change location sizes without expensive magnets or label holders.

Label Magic can be provided in a tape form for re-facing entire rack beams or in a label format for spot cover up of existing labels and markings. Label Magic can be colored to match your racks or contrasted to identify where labels should be applied. Label Magic can also be used on totes, containers and signs where labels are constantly applied and removed. The result is a clean surface that eliminates challenging removal of old labels and confusion with multiple labels on the container